8 Key Hacks To Increase Audience Engagement On TikTok

TikTok is becoming one of the top social media platforms, with over $1.9 billion revenue with 1 billion annual users. TikTok users are the maximum of the Gen Zers, who are 35% in this platform. It is the best platform for entertainment, engagement, marketing, and more. One of the great things about TikTok is that it breaks down barriers more, while media are formal and distanced. 

TikTok allows users to get more interconnections with the growing creators via unique content. With so many audiences flocking to TikTok, you can participate in trends, which are famous in this field. 

There is potential to reach new audiences as the field is filled with many users, and it is effortless to gain followers with working strategies. Let’s get started on tips and tricks on TikTok to raise followers’ count. 

#1 Optimize Your TikTok Bio

Have you ever heard of the saying “First impressions are the lasting one,” and it fits in TikTok so they can find out more information about your account? Consider including all the necessary information, so people will get to know about you. TikTok is all about entertainment and making deeper connections to have fun and make it approachable. 

When your profile looks boring or enticing, people are not going to be excited about your content. You can also include a link to an external site, so take advantage by linking your website to other social platforms. 

#2 Feature Pets Or People

Believe it or not, most of the famous content features pets! People love the featuring of pets on the TikTok contents, and also, they are bound to go crazy for the videos. Videos don’t need to be super impressive, and this concept is also a win-to-win strategy. If you work in extra creativity or when you create a video series with the pets you have, it’s a sign of a good start. 

This kind of content is not a new phenomenon; if you use other social media networks like Instagram and Facebook for your TikTok content, you will get exposure to your TikTok profile in a short period. 

#3 Know Your Optimal Post Timings

Another critical factor that affects the content strategy on TikTok is the post timings. When you adjust and schedule your post timings, you can achieve success for your videos. When you post, make sure to notice that your targeted audiences are active online on TikTok so that you will receive more views on TikTok. 

Some of the most common post timings on TikTok are early mornings, mid-afternoon, or late nights. When your main goal is creating brand awareness, you can make it faster on buying TikTok views instantly for your product videos is an easy way to accomplish the same. And when you plan this with the best post time, you will find a severe outgrowth of your business.

#4 Use Trending TikTok Challenges

The very popular pillar on TikTok is the viral challenges because there have been so many throughout this year. Stay updated with the trending viral challenges on TikTok and grab the opportunities of becoming famous on this platform. Many people utilize these TikTok challenges, and it’s better when you create your own. 

Challenges are one of the main types of content strategies, and why don’t you give them a try? When you partake in a few TikTok challenges, you can outshine your profile account among the vast community. 

#5 Create Content With Good Lighting

Nothing is worse than creating content that looks bland and dull without good lighting. When you have a good amount of visits to your videos and look unattractive, you may tend to lose your viewers. When you use natural lighting or lighting tools for your content, your content will have a perfect ending looking so professional. 

When you use lighting for dramatic effect to a part of the video, it boosts creativity and shows your personality. Create an aesthetic impact on your videos to look warm and relaxed, which pleases the audience’s interaction. In addition, you can use the inbuilt filters for your videos to change up the look of the theme. 

Bonus Tips

Remember, the above points would help gain new followers on TikTok. For the natural reach of the content, get used to the different methodologies that will help you rank your content. Try setting a goal in TikTok so that you would work hard to achieve familiarity and existence. 

When you make a goal to place your content on the For You page, work for it tedious, and somehow you’ll get recognition for the hard work. When you are left with no idea, you can even research TikTok on which content works well and set a pace. 


There is no doubt that TikTok would be a big arena for unique content, but you may face difficulties initially. Get used to the content strategies and fix a niche that you would be comfortable with. The hacks, as mentioned earlier, would grab you more TikTok followers when you implement them without hesitation.