Instagram has one billion active users. Like most social media networks, Instagram has excellent features. Instagram has released many updates in the last couple of years, as Instagram continues to grow higher. The most important changes for marketing experts and businesses are Testing the removal of likes, stories; Stickers are kept growing, shopping with AR features, message expansion with Threads.

  1. Testing removal of Instagram likes: likes are remaining the most important metric for marketers, and Instagram still tracks them.
  2. Stories stickers: different stickers for Stories with various functions like countdowns or polls, or music are becoming more and more common for Instagram users. And Instagram just keeps passing the new sticker features, including the quiz sticker, recently added, and it can be very great for highly interactive stories.
  3. Shopping with augmented Reality: some brands are able to test a new shopping feature on Instagram that uses AR filters. Users are familiar with AR features from Instagram Stories and Posts.
  4. Message expansion with threads: it is a new stand-alone application that integrates with your Instagram messages. 


Since the launch of Instagram, it has introduced so many features that benefit brands and marketers – both organic posts as well as paid ads. Let’s take a look at some of the most important Instagram features for marketers and brands:


You are probably familiar with video posts on Instagram because they are regular Instagram photo posts. You can create a video up to 60 seconds long. Followers can like or comment on your Live video stream, Buy automatic Instagram likes for your video. You can tag your locations, add a caption, and you can add filters before you share the posts. More user engagement is generated by video posts than photos on Instagram.


Live video is different than video posts because, well, it is life. Followers will get push notifications telling them that they are going to an Instagram live video. Followers can like or comment on your Live video stream, buy Instagram comments for your live video. After you end it, the video is gone. Instagram Live video is one of the important ways for marketers to build brand authenticity and transparency. These band authenticity and transparency are more important with the latest updates of the Instagram algorithm.


IGTV (Instagram Television) is an application within Instagram. IGTV allows the users to share videos that are up to one hour long, and it is probably like a Television episode. This is one of the big news for Instagram content creators, who are into video content. Video content is one of the fastest-growing content marketing, as over 81% of the brands are using video marketing. IGTV gives marketers and brands the ability to share longer video content. 


One of the most significant additions to Instagram is Stories features. Instagram stories are ay similar to Snapchat. After 24 hours, Instagram stories will vanish. Within 24 hours, you can view Instagram Story as many times as you want. At the top of your follower’s feed, stories display as little circles.


It allows businesses or brands to tag their products or services in their photos. Now business and brands can tag their products inside Stories as well. This is one of the best ways to showcase your services or products in user-generated content or in live action. 


Image viewing up to ten(10) seconds, video recording up to fifteen(15) seconds, you can add unlimited stories, direct messaging within stories, you can track the total count of views, and also you can track who has viewed your story.



The pandemic has brought out the people to look for different entertainment sources. Even though people choose YouTube as the best source for watching video content, one social media platform that is becoming popular slowly is Instagram TV or IGTV on Instagram. More than two hundred billion users visit the YouTube platform each month. In contrast, IG overall has only one billion users, out of which only 7M users have downloaded the IGTV application. Still, to YouTube, IGTV is the only rival. Since the previous year, the usage of the IGTV feature of IG has jumped to three hundred percent. It is seen by different brands, marketers, and creators as a good platform to leverage. 


IGTV is also known as Insatgram TV. IGTV is both a video viewing feature of Instagram and a separate video viewing application. The creators have adjusted for mobile users and allow the users to post up to one-hour-long video. When you post a video on your Instagram TV, a viewer can open your profile and click on the icon to take them to the IGTV video section. 

This may look somewhat the same to Stories. The prime difference between the 2 is that the IGTV’s video size is up to one hour long for the verified users and accounts with more than 10 000 followers. IGTV lets you upload longer-form videos, which cannot be done on Instagram Stories. The best part is that viewers can watch the videos both horizontally and vertically.  Viewers can comment on videos and leave likes. If you want to receive likes for your videos, then buy Instagram TV likes from this site. The IGTV icon will appear on the far left-hand side corner and then click on the icon to see the videos. 

By entering the name in the search bar, viewers can search for IGTV creators. The creators have distributed the videos in the subsequent categories: 

  • For you
  • Following
  • Popular
  • Continue watching


  • Under 650 MB is the recommended video size
  • 1080 x 1920 is the recommended dimension
  • 9:16 pixels is the aspect ratio
  • The supported file format is MP4.
  • Fifteen seconds is the minimum length of the video
  • For normal users, the maximum video length is ten minutes
  • For the verified user, the maximum video length is sixty minutes
  • For verified users, the maximum size for a video is 3.6 GB


Instagram recommends that the thumbnail size of IGTV should be 1240 x 1920. To customize your IGTV thumbnail, you can use an image editor as you noticed the IGTV dimensions and the recommended thumbnail dimension of IGTV are not the same. The best methods to grab more comments is to buy Instagram TV comments from our service.  The best way to create a thumbnail is to take a screenshot of the video and use it as a thumbnail. Taking an interesting video’s screenshot will make the audience curious.  Remember, to grab the attention of the viewers, add a text. Adding a text will explain the image to the viewers. To get more exposure, you have to post IGTV videos consistently.



The Instagram platform has more than 1B active monthly users, a more engaged audience, and less competition than other giant social media networks like Twitter or Facebook. This gives businesses and brands a great chance to market their products and services to interested and more targeted audiences without wasting a huge sum of money on paid advertising. The API of Instgaram lets the users publish videos or photos to an Instagram business profile using the 3rd party applications, and this makes it even uncomplicated  for brands and businesses to take the trump card of all Instagram has to provide


You have to focus on the solution you provide, not on the products or services you sell. It is essential to look pretty and add value to your audiences and customers while you do it on Instagram. Never underrate the reality that your most essential benefit on this social media platform is visual content. Focus on showcasing the behind process providing the service if your business is service-oriented. Simply share some how’s and tips, share your mission with the world or show your company’s culture. Buy Instagram story views to reach the target audiences. There are plenty of distinct formats you can take advantage of to do this on Instagram, and it is highly possible to upload videos up to one minute in length, short Boomerang videos, and photos.


Instagram stories are in the slideshow format and are life only for twenty-four hours. If you add it to your Instagram highlights, it can be shown on your Instagram profile even though they vanish.   Instagram stories were first made in reaction to the stories feature of Snapchat and continuously are being expanded by Instagram. 

  • Stories are importantly shown at the topmost of the timelines of followers just under the logo of Instagram.
  • Stories can be used to capture the BTS content (behind-the-scenes content) that does not have to be as high level in quality as compared to regular Instagram posts.
  • To experiment with different content types, stories make it easy – live videos, videos, photos, stickers, and filters.
  • Tagging accounts of others, for example, @account name in Instagram stories, is ideal for influencer marketing and collaborators marketing.
  • Fun additions like stickers, text, and face filters help you to edit images on the go.
  • Story search for locations and hashtags make them more discoverable.
  • All videos and photos you add will play in the series they were added, and you can also add as many as you like.
  • In the year 2017, the Instagram stories adverts globally available to all the businesses. 


IGTV feature of Instagram is a feature that lets you upload long-form videos. Instagram TV videos are:

  • Long format.
  • Providing you a lot of chances to make it engaging, fresh.
  • Fun video content for your clients or your brand.
  • IGTV videos can be up to sixty seconds long. 

How To Create Effective Instagram Reels To Market Your Brand

Instagram is one of the best platforms for marketing. Additionally, it introduced a new feature – Reels which seems to be another tool for promoting your product or services. Reels are up to 15 seconds of content along with music and effects, which allows users to make videos creative and attractive. Since its launch, users have been eager to use Instagram Reels. Strike while the iron is hot – using Reels to reach massive followers for your business.

How To Create First Reels Content?

Open the Instagram app and go to Instagram camera. Select the Reels tab at the bottom of the screen. You will notice a variety of editing features at the left corner of the screen.

Add Music: Choose a song from Instagram’s music library. You could also add your original audio by simply recording your Reel. Note that if you have a public account and you’re using your own original audio, people can create the content with your audio.

Insert AR Effects: Effects also known as “AR Filters.” Instagram has many effects. Try each effect and find which is fit for your content. Recording multiple clips with different AR filters.

Set Timer: set the timer as a hands-free option. Once you are using the timer option and the countdown starts like 3-2-1. Automatically the video is recording and finishing based on your predetermined length of the video.

Adjust speed: The speed option can help you to make your video slow down or speed up. As well, it helps to adjust your playback audio speed.

Record your video to hold on the center record tab at the bottom of the screen.

How To Gain More Followers On Reels?

You are properly using editing features in your video, which makes your content even more attractive. This thing helps to garner more audience on your Reels. Have you noticed popular and influencers accounts? They have more views and engagement on their videos, and so their videos also become a trend on social media networks. You are making your content high quality with fun and creativity which implies getting more visibility and high engagement. At the same time, if you even want more people to watch your reels, you could buy Instagram Reels views to boost engagement and gain popularity on Instagram.

How Can Brands Market On Reels?

There are many ways that brands can market on Instagram Reels. Some of the main ways are:

  • You can create your brand related Reels video and upload your Instagram account on your explore page, your profile feed, stories, and Reels section.
  • Work with influencers, spread your content with a massive audience.
  • Use your brand hashtags and trend hashtags on your Reels.

Try some of the ideas and spread your Reels to a broader audience.

Final words 

buy Instagram Reels viewsInstagram Reels displayed one-third place at the top of the explore page. You can also post your Reel video on the explore page. You know that most people always visit the video from the explore page. Use this chance to make your Reels content, post on the explore page and build your brand strongly. 


5 Extraordinary Video Ideas To Post On IGTV Channel

Instagram has a massive strength of over 1 billion users worldwide. Make use of all trending features to reach success for your brand or business. Among all those features, IGTV will be perfect for sharing more information about your product or services. IGTV is a separate app, which is entangled on the Instagram platform. On this platform, people are allowed to upload high-quality videos for up to 1 hour. Marketers, content creators can step into the IGTV platform to promote their business. Moreover, long-form videos offer plenty of opportunities for creators to add more information to their videos. If you have decided to start an IGTV channel, you need to plan your IGTV channel’s content. Posting interesting content will gain bags of engagement. 

In this article, you are going to spot some of the engaging content ideas for your IGTV channel. 

Share Teasers Or Sneak Peek 

Did you know? Sharing short clippings will increase your audience’s expectations and generate buzz among them. It is like a teaser. You can use those teasers or sneak peek kinds of content when launching a new product or service. You can also use this method when you have an idea to repost your old content. It doesn’t take much time to create it. 

Educate Your Audience: Tutorial & How-To Content

Did you know? Tutorial kinds of content are getting popular on the IGTV platform. Moreover, you can use this type of content to promote your business. Also, you can share more information about your business. Tutorials help to teach the audience how to do something or how to use products or services. On the other hand, you can share your knowledge or skill with your audience. 

Through this, you can help your audience who is interested to learn or solve their problem. These kinds of videos will assist you to connect more with your audience. 

Feedbacks Or Reviews 

Reviews or feedback type of content is popular on social media. Actually, it’s an excellent way to engage with the audience. Usually, these kinds of content will bring more engagement and comments. Moreover, IGTV comments make your video attractive and give more exposure to your content. It is up to you to share reviews about anything. It can be about sports, films, products, and more. Remember, your reviews must be unbiased, talking about both positives and negatives. Create them with a friendly tone. 

What About Webinars 

An online class or talk is a webinar. You can either extend your content or keep it in short clippings. The webinar is an excellent method to share rich content with your audience. Through this, you can catch the potential customers for your business. Also, IGTV allows you to add desirable links in the description part. By putting links in the description part, you can direct your people to the perfect landing page. 

Upload More Bloopers 

When it comes to videos, sharing scripted content than unscripted is working well. So, you don’t need to delete or waste your bloopers. After you upload your original content within one or two days, share that particular video’s bloopers. This will receive bags of engagement to your video. Remember, people love to engage with natural and simultaneous content. Like bloopers, behind-the-scenes is also effective content to gain traction. Through behind-the-scenes, you can give daily updates to your audience. 

Wrapping It Up

It is crucial to get feedback about your content from your audience. Also, you can ask for content ideas or suggestions from them. It helps you to gather audience choice of content and how your content is working with them. I hope you have enjoyed the article; sure it will guide you through creating engaging content for your IGTV channel. 

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.


Best Method To Advertise Your Instagram Promotion for Your Business

In November 2019, Instagram showcased to have reached one billion users, of which more than 500M accessed the platform regularly.

Thanks to this impressive figure, most companies today adhere to Instagram as one of their primary lead generation tools. 

How & Why To Work on Instagram Advertise:

Despite the remarkable number of followers, Instagram has less competition and a more involved audience than other social platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook. 

  • The highest percentage of users are between 18 and 29 years old, with 55%.
  • The other portion of its followers is between the age range of 30 and 49 years with 28%

Possessed by Facebook, which has an audience of more than two billion monthly active users, the prediction is that Instagram’s audience continues to grow.

In January 2018, Instagram’s API changed to let users post photos on a business profile using a third-party platform.

Additionally, it provides companies a chance to a more focused and fascinated audience without spending a massive amount of money on sponsored advertising to scheduling posts. 

Advertisers have got four advertising options:

  1. Image: Instagram default option of the post with photos.
  2. Video: Standard post, yet with a video in place of an image.
  3. Carousel: Sort of slide show that follows the use of several images. 
  4. Stories: Here, the Instagram style of the ads on Snapchat checks at the prime list of the story feed. 
  5. Instagram Ads: The average receives much more engagement than Facebook ads, yet that comes at a price. 

Instagram ads are highly focused so that advertisers’ have perfect control over their investment. 

Tips To Make Use of Instagram For Your Business:

Suppose you are beginning your business or wish to expand your customer base, you can buy Instagram reach, which helps to get unique users to your profile. In that case, you need to follow up the different steps to advertise your online platform only and efficiently.

1. Describe Your Product Creatively:

Target on the solution you give, not the products you market. On Instagram, it’s always mandatory to make your products look good. The essential feature is the visual content increases Instagram reach that engages your communities.

Suppose your brand is based on the service, as in the case of online courses. Then start to target on displaying the process behind the scenes to your audiences.

2. Use Instagram Stories:

Instagram stories display videos or photos that are present only for 24 hours. It is a direct contestant of Snapchat’s stories and developed by the platform.

Also, IG stories are mostly displayed at the top of the user’s timeline. It is a perfect choice to show the behind-the-scenes content more casually without a standard post’s quality requirement. 

Stories of Instagram provide different content experiences of content formats, such as short video, boomerang, photo, and live videos. Along with fun elements like text, gifs, and filters that support you to edit images fastly.

Every posted photo and video is played back in the order, and you can post as many as possible. 

3. Savvy Hashtags:

The feature of Instagram hashtags is labeling; that is, individual categories for the content are made. The hashtags are always used by the symbol (#), creating a category and type of link on hashtags. 

Suppose Instagram or other platforms, whenever you tap on hashtags, you need to access additional content that has received the same tag. 

The hashtags you make might be ad campaign-particular or generic type. Every hashtag that works on Instagram reaches with the brand’s organic growth because they are relevant or similar. 

Be assured to establish your business hashtags, making it simple to identify content relevant for your business and your vital account. 

It’s a perfect practice to make use of between three and five sets of hashtags, even though you can include up to 30 per post every Instagram post. 

Make use of your customized hashtags relevant to your business and the most famous hashtags to improve your content’s discoverability. 



Introducing the new Instagram Reels, the Instagram Reels is a new great way for recording video clips that up to 15 seconds to 30 seconds set to music on Instagram. It is a similar concept to TikTok. A brand new way of creating engaging video content and fun, engaging video content is Instagram Reels. The latest feature of the video on Instagram is available now in the USand in other 50 countries.  Like TikTok, users on Instagram can record the 15 seconds to 30-second video clips and can edit together to the set of music and share the videos to their Explore Feed, the new Reels tab, and the stories profile of the user. 


The Reels on Instagram has its own For You Page version called a new Reels Explore Feed. On the Explore Page of Instagram, you can find the feed of  Reels. You will see the  Reels of trending accounts on Instagram and popular accounts on Instagram just by scroll through the feed. The Reels on Instagram is similar to the For You Page of TikTok.  You will receive a notification if your reels are featured in the Explore, you can also  buy Instagram Reels likes. The reels are featured at the selection of the public reels chosen by the platform to help the people discover the real content that will inspire you and entertain you. And luke just a TikTok, if you find an audio clip or song clip that you like, you can just tap the sounds or music and select the option ”Use Audio.” Do not panic if you find out your account does not have the feature for music. You can either record your own audio and own music, or otherwise, you can use some other video editing applications to edit your video outside from the Instagram Reels. 


When you are trying to create a Reel, you can just select the option “film video clips”  on that particular spot or upload the video clips or music clips from your camera roll. Instagram allows you to use the different types of text tools and drawing tools or choose the different kinds of Instagram stickers from the selection. This is not the first time that Instagram’s parent company Facebook attempt to launch an alternative for TikTok, because previously Facebook has launched the standalone application in a short form called Lasso, but it has failed.  For showcasing more creative opportunities and more dynamic to showcasing more of your brand and personality.  There are more than one billion active daily users on Instagram. The new menu of Instagram stories camera is   Instagram Reels. By pressing the individual clip, you can easily edit.                                  



It is one of the most favorite social media platforms for many, and as the popularity results in the platform’s popularity, it becomes to play a major role in opportunities for social media marketing.  The review stage takes care of Instagram insights. These insights metrics will tell you about what you do not and work, and you should work. The tool used for Instagram analytics is known as Instagram to the people who all have a business account on Instagram. The Instagram analytics tool will let you the engagement data, demographics data, followers data, and content data. receive  instagram reach  will let you grow your Instagram marketing and track to help you improve consistently. Instagram insights are nothing but like a treasure map. If you understand the insights and make them lead your way, it will help you find the treasure, or otherwise, it just helps you grow your businesses and your following.  


You have to post a different few types of Instagram content, such as the content generated by the user, for featuring your brands and businesses and products, lifestyle photos,  photo shot of your product in the studio, and tutorial videos for a workout, and inspirational images. You should need a business account on Instagram instead of a personal or normal account to access Instagram insights. Also, there are many reasons to get and having a business profile. You do not have to create a new account for a business account. You can just convert your already existing personal profile to a business account.

 Few seconds only take to change your personal account to a business account and unlock all other extra benefits with no extra work involved and no cost. First, you have to go to your profile to change the business account. Then choose the horizontal three lines at the top right-hand corner side of your profile screen for opening the menu. Then just select the “settings” option at the page’s bottom. You can see the option “switch to business profile “ option if you scroll down the page and just tap on the option. You will be asked about selecting the primary category and sub-category for your profile. Then you have added at least one business contact for displays on your profile page. Make sure that you connect your Instagram account link to your business page on Facebook.  For avoiding the issues, make sure that you connect to your real Facebook account page. The Instagram insights are directly built into the Instagram application itself, unlike the google analytics tool. With just by few tappings, It is very easy to view your audience insights on your profile because of this native integration. By using the below three ways, you can view your Instagram insights. 

  • Go to your Instagram profile, tap the three lines to access the menus, and then choose the “insight” option.
  • You can also access your insights on your Instagram through your posts. By using the “ view insights” options.

Instagram Story: Effective Hacks To Heighten Your Engagement Rate

If you have the idea of increasing your Instagram count or you may feel, your Instagram story rate is falling. Don’t worry! You are on the right spot. You know, Instagram is one of the trending social media platforms to communicate with each other. The Instagram story plays a crucial role in building engagement for your account. Here let us see effective hacks to heighten engagement on Instagram stories.

Construct Engagement

If you have to create attachment and connections with your stories, then you must present fascinating stories. Constructing engagement is the key to bring your stories as a top priority or first in your follower’s feed. You have plenty of options to create your stories like build polls, funny stickers, visual parts. Using polls, you can bring your audience to take part in chats. While creating queries, you can ask feedback and thoughts about your products from your followers. It provides brand awareness among your audience so that others can know about products even more.

 Funny stickers build more engagement and make people interested in your stories. Have a trail, for instance, post-poll stories in your feed monitor how many people are involved in your stories, how many people participated by answering back to your poll. With this number’s help, you analyze the percentage of people who connected with your stories.

Add Hashtags

Hashtags are an effective way to discover your content easily. If you add similar hashtags for your content, it will be caught in the people’s sight when searching for related posts. For instance, if someone is searching simply #fitnessgoal, they will end up with more than 500 content, though you filled your stories with relevant hashtags that will appear in their upper part of the search. So invest your time in adding hashtags to your content to get more visibility and discoverable. Maybe if people are interested and searching for your type of content. If you want to make your content more accessible and discoverable. Then Instagram Story Views are the best ever way to heighten your reach and improve position on your followers feed.

Hot Tips To Construct Artful Stories

1. Select pictures with high quality, try to shoot on natural light effects.

2. Add similar hashtags to your stories.

3. Include some context if you want neat and straightforward.

4. If necessary, add stickers for your stories.

5. You can include swipe-up options to increase sales or directing to your website.

Drag Your Followers 

If you have the chance, your followers may fail to notice your stories. To overcome the problem, you have to drag your followers to enter in your stories; it is your duty to make easy and visible your stories to their feeds. You can advertise your story part in your general caption area. It is a gentle reminder to the followers to take part in stories like responding to the poll. While posting pictures in feed, add captions like looking at the story or watching our new story. To make them alert.