The pandemic has brought out the people to look for different entertainment sources. Even though people choose YouTube as the best source for watching video content, one social media platform that is becoming popular slowly is Instagram TV or IGTV on Instagram. More than two hundred billion users visit the YouTube platform each month. In contrast, IG overall has only one billion users, out of which only 7M users have downloaded the IGTV application. Still, to YouTube, IGTV is the only rival. Since the previous year, the usage of the IGTV feature of IG has jumped to three hundred percent. It is seen by different brands, marketers, and creators as a good platform to leverage. 


IGTV is also known as Insatgram TV. IGTV is both a video viewing feature of Instagram and a separate video viewing application. The creators have adjusted for mobile users and allow the users to post up to one-hour-long video. When you post a video on your Instagram TV, a viewer can open your profile and click on the icon to take them to the IGTV video section. 

This may look somewhat the same to Stories. The prime difference between the 2 is that the IGTV’s video size is up to one hour long for the verified users and accounts with more than 10 000 followers. IGTV lets you upload longer-form videos, which cannot be done on Instagram Stories. The best part is that viewers can watch the videos both horizontally and vertically.  Viewers can comment on videos and leave likes. If you want to receive likes for your videos, then buy Instagram TV likes from this site. The IGTV icon will appear on the far left-hand side corner and then click on the icon to see the videos. 

By entering the name in the search bar, viewers can search for IGTV creators. The creators have distributed the videos in the subsequent categories: 

  • For you
  • Following
  • Popular
  • Continue watching


  • Under 650 MB is the recommended video size
  • 1080 x 1920 is the recommended dimension
  • 9:16 pixels is the aspect ratio
  • The supported file format is MP4.
  • Fifteen seconds is the minimum length of the video
  • For normal users, the maximum video length is ten minutes
  • For the verified user, the maximum video length is sixty minutes
  • For verified users, the maximum size for a video is 3.6 GB


Instagram recommends that the thumbnail size of IGTV should be 1240 x 1920. To customize your IGTV thumbnail, you can use an image editor as you noticed the IGTV dimensions and the recommended thumbnail dimension of IGTV are not the same. The best methods to grab more comments is to buy Instagram TV comments from our service.  The best way to create a thumbnail is to take a screenshot of the video and use it as a thumbnail. Taking an interesting video’s screenshot will make the audience curious.  Remember, to grab the attention of the viewers, add a text. Adding a text will explain the image to the viewers. To get more exposure, you have to post IGTV videos consistently.