Best Method To Advertise Your Instagram Promotion for Your Business

In November 2019, Instagram showcased to have reached one billion users, of which more than 500M accessed the platform regularly.

Thanks to this impressive figure, most companies today adhere to Instagram as one of their primary lead generation tools. 

How & Why To Work on Instagram Advertise:

Despite the remarkable number of followers, Instagram has less competition and a more involved audience than other social platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook. 

  • The highest percentage of users are between 18 and 29 years old, with 55%.
  • The other portion of its followers is between the age range of 30 and 49 years with 28%

Possessed by Facebook, which has an audience of more than two billion monthly active users, the prediction is that Instagram’s audience continues to grow.

In January 2018, Instagram’s API changed to let users post photos on a business profile using a third-party platform.

Additionally, it provides companies a chance to a more focused and fascinated audience without spending a massive amount of money on sponsored advertising to scheduling posts. 

Advertisers have got four advertising options:

  1. Image: Instagram default option of the post with photos.
  2. Video: Standard post, yet with a video in place of an image.
  3. Carousel: Sort of slide show that follows the use of several images. 
  4. Stories: Here, the Instagram style of the ads on Snapchat checks at the prime list of the story feed. 
  5. Instagram Ads: The average receives much more engagement than Facebook ads, yet that comes at a price. 

Instagram ads are highly focused so that advertisers’ have perfect control over their investment. 

Tips To Make Use of Instagram For Your Business:

Suppose you are beginning your business or wish to expand your customer base, you can buy Instagram reach, which helps to get unique users to your profile. In that case, you need to follow up the different steps to advertise your online platform only and efficiently.

1. Describe Your Product Creatively:

Target on the solution you give, not the products you market. On Instagram, it’s always mandatory to make your products look good. The essential feature is the visual content increases Instagram reach that engages your communities.

Suppose your brand is based on the service, as in the case of online courses. Then start to target on displaying the process behind the scenes to your audiences.

2. Use Instagram Stories:

Instagram stories display videos or photos that are present only for 24 hours. It is a direct contestant of Snapchat’s stories and developed by the platform.

Also, IG stories are mostly displayed at the top of the user’s timeline. It is a perfect choice to show the behind-the-scenes content more casually without a standard post’s quality requirement. 

Stories of Instagram provide different content experiences of content formats, such as short video, boomerang, photo, and live videos. Along with fun elements like text, gifs, and filters that support you to edit images fastly.

Every posted photo and video is played back in the order, and you can post as many as possible. 

3. Savvy Hashtags:

The feature of Instagram hashtags is labeling; that is, individual categories for the content are made. The hashtags are always used by the symbol (#), creating a category and type of link on hashtags. 

Suppose Instagram or other platforms, whenever you tap on hashtags, you need to access additional content that has received the same tag. 

The hashtags you make might be ad campaign-particular or generic type. Every hashtag that works on Instagram reaches with the brand’s organic growth because they are relevant or similar. 

Be assured to establish your business hashtags, making it simple to identify content relevant for your business and your vital account. 

It’s a perfect practice to make use of between three and five sets of hashtags, even though you can include up to 30 per post every Instagram post. 

Make use of your customized hashtags relevant to your business and the most famous hashtags to improve your content’s discoverability.