Introducing the new Instagram Reels, the Instagram Reels is a new great way for recording video clips that up to 15 seconds to 30 seconds set to music on Instagram. It is a similar concept to TikTok. A brand new way of creating engaging video content and fun, engaging video content is Instagram Reels. The latest feature of the video on Instagram is available now in the USand in other 50 countries.  Like TikTok, users on Instagram can record the 15 seconds to 30-second video clips and can edit together to the set of music and share the videos to their Explore Feed, the new Reels tab, and the stories profile of the user. 


The Reels on Instagram has its own For You Page version called a new Reels Explore Feed. On the Explore Page of Instagram, you can find the feed of  Reels. You will see the  Reels of trending accounts on Instagram and popular accounts on Instagram just by scroll through the feed. The Reels on Instagram is similar to the For You Page of TikTok.  You will receive a notification if your reels are featured in the Explore, you can also  buy Instagram Reels likes. The reels are featured at the selection of the public reels chosen by the platform to help the people discover the real content that will inspire you and entertain you. And luke just a TikTok, if you find an audio clip or song clip that you like, you can just tap the sounds or music and select the option ”Use Audio.” Do not panic if you find out your account does not have the feature for music. You can either record your own audio and own music, or otherwise, you can use some other video editing applications to edit your video outside from the Instagram Reels. 


When you are trying to create a Reel, you can just select the option “film video clips”  on that particular spot or upload the video clips or music clips from your camera roll. Instagram allows you to use the different types of text tools and drawing tools or choose the different kinds of Instagram stickers from the selection. This is not the first time that Instagram’s parent company Facebook attempt to launch an alternative for TikTok, because previously Facebook has launched the standalone application in a short form called Lasso, but it has failed.  For showcasing more creative opportunities and more dynamic to showcasing more of your brand and personality.  There are more than one billion active daily users on Instagram. The new menu of Instagram stories camera is   Instagram Reels. By pressing the individual clip, you can easily edit.